"Life is full of beauty. Notice it."

I was googling life quotes this morning (as I tend to do quite often when I am in the mood for inspiration) and came across this quote, literally just after I was looking at photos I took in Utah this summer and had seen pictures of a bee I took there!

I figured that I had taken pictures of several of the things mentioned in this quote, so I decided to make a collage, and took the photos to Picnik to make it happen.  I hope to do some more of this kind of stuff in the future, and perhaps let a quote inspire a photo mission, even if the photos have already been taken!

To creativity!!

Via Flickr:
“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith

Writing Prompt: Contrasting the light and the dark

As promised, I have attached below my work that I will present at the creative writing club meeting this afternoon. The prompt for this week was contrasting the light and the dark, and as such, I had hoped to do so by contrasting light and dark as a woman and a man in a relationship – two worlds colliding and coexisting in the same universe, if you will. (OK, that doesn’t quite fit, but hey, it sounded good!) Please let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!

Light and dark have always been seen hand-in-hand, haven’t they?
For as long as anyone could remember, this was the case.

Light pined for dark to take away its stresses, remove its worries, give it comfort.
Dark was just relieved to let light take over so it could disappear into the shadows.

The cycle repeated itself every day; dark worked the night shift and light worked the day.
Every once in a great while, however, their paths crossed.

When they met, it was usually a powerful collision – a storm of sorts, if you will.
It was never pretty; objects and people were both damaged.

Perhaps there’s a reason why they were separated after all.
But why could they themselves never understand this?

Every day, light and dark collided for a few minutes in a moment of beauty, and just like that it was gone.

With the setting of the sun, dark said hello and light said goodnight.
And just like that, with the rising of the sun, dark walked out… and light walked in.

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Creative Writing Club + Getting More Involved

Last week, I attended my first Creative Writing Club meeting, and it was great!  After going to the Open Mic night a couple weeks ago (which I really enjoyed and gave me great hope and belief in people and keeping arts alive at DCCC and in Dodge City), they said they had a creative writing club that meets on Fridays at 1, so I decided to do it!

Jane, the creative writing instructor @ DC3 and the quasi-meeting-leader, is quite awesome and seems like a very nice, caring and creative person who really listens to people and is an excellent critique-r.  You don’t get all of that in one person very often.  And the students (around 5-6 total, including another adult) who came to the meeting are all very unique and interesting – we have a juggler who is very positive and happy-go-lucky but really came out with a very thought-provoking poem, a deeply gifted – and perhaps troubled? – writer who I stupidly pre-judged because everything seemed a little too over-the-top until I got to know her better, a fellow NaNoWriMo competitor!!, and others…

I guess the whole point of this post is to say that I am really glad I’m getting more involved with school/life activities and getting to know people with similar interests.  It’s also encouraging to see all of these adults/professors in their out-of-school environments (like in Quiz Bowl, which I am a happy member of after skipping out – why?!? – in high school) and to see that they are awesome, dedicated, full people.  I really look forward to getting to know these people better while at the same time cultivating my likes, hobbies and passions!

Back to the writing club, this week’s prompt is “contrasting the light and the dark.”  I want light and dark to be a couple that is falling apart but come back to each other after all and stay in love.  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, and I’m not uber-into poetry like some of the other people in the club, but I am committed to making it work!

Positive vs. Negative

Within the last week, someone basically called me an idiot on Facebook, and suffice it to say I pretty much went on the defensive, unfriending this person (which, if I’m being totally honest with myself, was a long time coming) and posting all sorts of sassy (read: bitchy) pictures and statuses.  However, thinking back on it, I’d probably do the same thing again, but it got me reflecting:

You know, every once in a while, like earlier this week or last week (I don’t even remember now), I get in a really negative mood and then put that back out into the world. Putting positive things out into the world is so much more fulfilling. 🙂

And on that note, I am aiming to have a positive rest of my week and life!

P.S. If, however, you are in the market for some sassy/funny/FANTASTIC photos and graphics, here’s the link to the best of them: http://www.someecards.com/.  Enjoy!

Hidden Sunlight at April’s Attic

I’m debuting my new “Copyright friend/identifier” (I’m sure there’s a real name for it somewhere out there) with this photo. I’m not a huge fan of watermarks, splashy copyright symbols, or anything obtrusive like that (thanks to my friend, Laura, for helping me come to this conclusion!)

I think this is tasteful, simple and unobtrusive. Now, if I can just remember to use it! 😉

Retro Motel

Retro Motel by Luke A. Bunker
Retro Motel, a photo by Luke A. Bunker on Flickr.

Don’t you just love retro? I’ve been in the travel mood lately (more than usual), and I feel the need to state the obvious that there’s something very romantic about the retro look and retro buildings, and I think this is a great example of such a building.

Via Flickr:
When I was with my parents in Colorado this summer, I saw this sign, made them turn around, and snapped this shot. I used a couple of actions from DeviantArt user `sa-cool. I’m starting to get more involved in processing, which is probably a good thing!

NaNoWriMo Update + Excerpt

3,660 words and counting!  I have kind of, by this point, given up on the goal of completing this novel in 30 days.  I suppose part of me always knew I wouldn’t reach it.  But you know what?  I’m OK with that.  My goal for years has been to write a novel, and I am accomplishing that dream right now.  So what if it’s not done in 30 days?  No one’s saying it has to be (other than the good folks at NaNoWriMo, that is!!).  And I’d rather have a good work than a rushed one.  With that being said, here is the latest excerpt from my novel, a scene which takes place after the candidate finds out just what his campaign manager has been up to all along.


            The candidate and his campaign manager met in Locke’s study at his residence in upstate New York.  It was snowing outside; the flakes painting a white blanket across the barren landscape of his country farm.
            Locke looked out the window with his back towards his campaign manager, the sunlight brightly shining on his front.
“Do you think we’ve gone too far, Harley?” asked Locke as he turned around and sat down.
            “Of course not,” replied Lanser.  “We’ve only done what’s necessary to keep you in the race.  You know that just as well as I do.”
            “Did we really need to do this?  I mean, the more I think about it, the more it weighs on my mind…  It’s just not sitting well with me,” said Locke with an obvious air of unease.
            “I understand that you’re uncomfortable with this, but what did you want me to do?  Did you want me to just sit on the sidelines while you were being attacked?  You hired me to get the job done, and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” said Lanser defensively.
            “You don’t get it!” exclaimed Locke as he began getting out of his seat to stand up and face Lanser.  “There’s a line!  This is not what we do!
            Locke’s crescendo-ing voice left an impression in the room, and perhaps even on Lanser.
In defeat, Locke finished, “This is what we said¸ this is what we told people, we would never do…”
Locke sat down in his brown leather executive chair with a deep sigh as he placed his elbows on the table, his head in his hands, and his trust in his gut.  He rubbed his temples out of exasperation and uncertainty.
“Lanser, you’re dismissed,” said Locke as he paused and looked up from his current position at his lifelong friend and adviser, a mere shell of the man and person he used to be.  “Permanently.”