Writing Prompt: Contrasting the light and the dark

As promised, I have attached below my work that I will present at the creative writing club meeting this afternoon. The prompt for this week was contrasting the light and the dark, and as such, I had hoped to do so by contrasting light and dark as a woman and a man in a relationship – two worlds colliding and coexisting in the same universe, if you will. (OK, that doesn’t quite fit, but hey, it sounded good!) Please let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!

Light and dark have always been seen hand-in-hand, haven’t they?
For as long as anyone could remember, this was the case.

Light pined for dark to take away its stresses, remove its worries, give it comfort.
Dark was just relieved to let light take over so it could disappear into the shadows.

The cycle repeated itself every day; dark worked the night shift and light worked the day.
Every once in a great while, however, their paths crossed.

When they met, it was usually a powerful collision – a storm of sorts, if you will.
It was never pretty; objects and people were both damaged.

Perhaps there’s a reason why they were separated after all.
But why could they themselves never understand this?

Every day, light and dark collided for a few minutes in a moment of beauty, and just like that it was gone.

With the setting of the sun, dark said hello and light said goodnight.
And just like that, with the rising of the sun, dark walked out… and light walked in.

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