A Question of Etiquette…

I luckily haven’t had to face this issue in a while, but it does come up.  I’d like to throw a situation out there for my readers to chew on and think about!  Let’s say you have something important at work that you would like to discuss, inform about, etc. with your boss.  The question I so often face with these more major kinds of situations is how to contact them – email or face-to-face.

First off, my thoughts…  I prefer to email (and this is, of course, a case-by-case call) for a variety of reasons:  a) it is less awkward for me, b) it allows my boss some time to process what I am asking for rather than just springing it on them, and c) I think I am better at getting my point across through writing than verbal communication.

However, I think that face-to-face works best for very serious questions and concerns, or when the issue is so convoluted that you can’t get it across except through a conversation.

So…  What do you think?  Is emailing or face-to-face the best way to contact your boss about an issue, or does it depend on the situation?

2 thoughts on “A Question of Etiquette…

  1. Good question! I always try to remember that it isn't about what you say but rather, how the person your saying it to perceives it. With that in mind, you can't know how they will perceive the tone of an email but if you are face to face, you can judge right away by their facial expressions and body language if they are taking offence, or misunderstanding your words and then you can change course quickly to correct any mis-perceptions. 🙂

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