Creative Rut?

Photographically, I’ve been in a creative rut lately… it seems like I’m only going through old pictures (Which is still progress!!  I’ve deleted hundreds of photos and several gigabytes worth of photos, which definitely needed to be done.) and haven’t really taken any new ones or taken the time to browse through photos for hours on Flickr to get inspired like I used to do.

However, I’m in the process of trying to find a new lens for my camera (one that zooms out to at least 105, maybe 200mm), which will enable me to take a different approach to taking photos and getting more details than I normally would be able to, so I think that will help me get out of this creative rut!  Right now I’m looking at doing a huge splurge on an 18-200mm because my photographic style and the critical moments between switching lenses during travel keeps me from wanting to have to bring more than one lens or switch them out.  I was leaning towards an 18-105, but I’m thinking I might as well go big or go home!  Thinking about borrowing a lens from to try it out first; might just borrow it for trips whenever I need it rather than outright buying it!

As I get ready for Europe in a few months, I am looking back through pictures and journal entries of trips and am excited to share those here on my blog.  I’m more in the travel and writing mood now than anything, and I know the rest will follow as I get closer because travel brings that out in me!!

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