Food for Thought: Stupidity… or Ignorance?

I truly don’t know where my inspiration for this post came from (hello again, by the way!  Talk about a long absence!), but I found myself questioning – at 11:30 – the difference between “ignorance” and “stupidity.”

I recall asking an old supervisor (who did farming outside his normal work hours) something about farming while saying, “Sorry, I’m pretty stupid with this stuff.”  He responded, “No, you’re not stupid, just ignorant.”  I recall thinking to myself, “Oh, really?!  Did he just say that??!”  LOL

However, upon further inspection, I think this characterization makes sense.  If I don’t know anything about it, I’m ignorant, as – according to – ignorance is “lack of knowledge, learning,information, etc.,” while stupidity is well, the act of being stupid (or that’s how I’m choosing to interpret it).

So, this begs the question…  (According to one of my favorite English profs from college, most people use this phrase incorrectly, also.)  Is a person, as a whole or in regard to specific subjects, ignorant or stupid?  The easy answer is stupid, but perhaps with deeper inspection (I’m thinking politics here), they are shutting themselves out or isolating themselves from information which they could glean knowledge from, which complicates the question…  Is someone stupid…  or ignorant?

Weigh in with your comments!

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