A Different Kind of 365 Project…

Well, it’s a new year.  Whew!  2012 was such a whirlwind – intensifying schoolwork and a boatload of new responsibilities at work, crazy and fun travels, and difficult family issues and losses.  Although excited to begin anew, I think this year helped strengthen my character as I struggled to balance it all.  And, my goodness, was it tough some days!  I wouldn’t say I was necessarily depressed, but I’m sure it’s the closest I ever came to it as things simply got too overwhelming a majority of the time.

Unfortunately, in the process, I managed to stress eat (something I’d prided myself on never doing in the past) my way back to my pre-weight-loss weight from the first half of the year.  With everything going on, I let my addiction to food get the better of me.  I am eager to get back to the gym next week and get started on a healthier me; this has included saying “no” to projects that I simply don’t have the time or energy for, and trying to focus on a few things I can really dedicate myself to.

When stress calls, travel beckons —  I look forward to attending a coworker/friend’s wedding in Richmond in February and a week-long retreat to visit my friend Laura in Florida for Spring Break.  I’m hoping to squeeze a trip to my favorite continent (so far!) in sometime after I graduate and before life gets even more complicated.  I know it will all work out and what’s meant to happen will happen.  🙂

Along the lines of a new year, I find myself going back through my mind, remembering some of my happiest moments.  Not shockingly, many of them involve travel.  In the spirit of a new year and fostering creativity (which I have NOT done lately), I have decided to post a picture, memory, moment from my travels that has affected me in some way or brings me back to a happy place and time.  It’s my hope that with these posts I can not only do the previously-mentioned, but also give wings to the travel bug that itches so many of us.

It will take a while to catch up (it’s already the 3rd, lol), but I think this is a good way to put me on track  to a happier me, amidst the stress of a new semester starting next week and impossible circumstances and situations at work.

I hope this post finds its readers with a happy heart and a peaceful outlook on the new year.  I know I’m trying to get there!!


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