Intelligence (Poem)

Writing Prompt:
Abstraction + verb + place
Summarize an action

Each of these five items were listed independently on the board, and each member of the class added one or two items to each list, with no real coherence because the above task was not yet given.  After we had made the list as a class, the instructor had us use the list to make a short, three-line poem with an abstraction, verb and place in the first line, attire in the second, and the summary of an action in the third.  Given the amazing things that some people came up with (you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!), I think I might do this exercise more often.

So, because of the nature of the task, we all had some input into each others’ poems last evening, so this is really by Luke Bunker, et al.  🙂


Intelligence interrogates within the mind,
Its yellow cap and army fatigues
Unfurling a kite and playing a game.

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