"What Do You See, Luke Bunker?"

I am finally back in the writing mood!!  I think the Creative Writing class I’m enrolled in this spring has helped get me back to my creative roots.  I hope to create and share more of my writing this spring, and so far am off to a great start with several prompts that I enjoyed.

The following poem is inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem, “Salut au Monde!” and one of our prompts at last evening’s class was to answer the question, “What do you hear?” or “What do you see?”

“What do you see, Luke Bunker?”

What do you see, Luke Bunker?
I see the proud displays of chocolate-makers throughout the city.
I smell the dank and dirt of a place where being clean seems to be an afterthought.
I feel the intensity of sun rays beating on my weary body.
I hear the chatter of men and women going on about their daily lives.
I taste the world’s worst and most expensive coffee in a place where it feels just right.
I am alive in this moment.

Can anyone guess what place I’m referring to??  First person who gets it right gets a virtual cookie!

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