I Heart Kansas

I Heart Kansas

Kansas is an underrated state. For those of us that have lived here all our lives, it can be difficult to see beauty in the rolling hills, abundant plains and open vistas. But, in those lands are symbols of America and our way of life out here in Kansas. The windmills of the past and toil of the farmers show our dedication and hard work, and the new, rather controversial ones show our (although this is questionable as of late – thanks, Brownback!) progressive attitude and embracement of new technology.

It took a number of year to see it myself, but I Heart Kansas!  I took this photo while on a photo adventure day with my good friend and mentor, Laura George (http://wherethegoldbeesdream.blogspot.com), a fellow native.  We had a great day together roaming the dirt back roads, spotting windmills, wildflowers and wildlife amidst our bursts of laughter and conversation.  I hope to share more photos as I go through them!


(The above photo, as with all original content on this site, is copyright and property of the owner, Luke A. Bunker, 2013.)

4 thoughts on “I Heart Kansas

  1. We drove to Lawrence & Olathe from Texas last month and were surprised by how clean and mowed and tended everything was. And I had a nice blueberry pancake meal at a place called Perkin’s. Kansas was MUCH nicer than Oklahoma.

    • Hi Kerbey – thanks for stopping by! I’m glad our state showed you a good time. I’ve heard Perkin’s is good, and I’m happy you agree with us that KS is better than OK! 🙂

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