2013: What A Year

2013… What a year! I graduated from college, began working full-time at United Wireless, lost several great friends and strengthened bonds with others, traveled quite a bit domestically for work and play (holla for Florida, D.C. and Austin!! Europe, although I took a break, I will see you next year, my friend!), and learned more about myself and the path I wanted to pursue in life. I gained lots of weight (working hard to reverse this through healthy and nutritious eating!!), but reached an a-aha! moment with the help of friends and reflection that if I want to achieve all my dreams, something had to change.

2014 promises to be a big year. I plan to purge my life of the things and people that are taking up too much room or causing negativity, get back to my creative roots by catching up on processing photos and devoting more time to writing/blogging, continue to work on being healthier by cooking delicious-yet-nutritious meals and using my uber-expensive gym membership instead of just letting it sit there, travel gobs and gobs, move out of my parents’ house to open the next chapter of my life, take more risks, take advantage of more opportunities, and just enjoy life – this year has taught me that it is too short to settle or not continuously improve and experience it.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, friends, family and readers! May the comings weeks and year be happy, healthful and exciting (in the good ways). I love you all!!

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