31-Day Blog Challenge: Intro & Recent Pic

Day 1/31


My name is Luke Bunker.  I live in the Midwest, think big thoughts, have big dreams and aspirations (but am I doing anything towards those ends??  Lots of deep thinking and doubts tonight!), and enjoy fine food, drink, travel and fun.  I am eager to start this 31-day blog challenge so I can get back into a routine with blogging and writing.  With my current job, I sometimes feel that I’m losing my “creative genius,” if you will…  One of the aspects of my life I want to cultivate in the new year is creativity and creating – whether it be writing, journaling, blogging or taking photos.  So, this 31-day challenge is really a kick-start for something bigger, and I look forward to answering these questions, which should prompt even more questions and interpersonal discussion and investigation.  How exciting!

Recent Picture:

Kermit is in da house!

This photo of me was taken at Walt Disney World last month while visiting my friend Laura (http://wherethegoldbeesdream.blogspot.com – click on the pic for her photography Facebook page!).  I was wearing a goofy Kermit the Frog stocking – how funky!!  (To my fashionista friends…  No, I did not purchase…)  That was such a great trip, and I can’t wait to go back.  Seeing this photo reminds me again of all the fun we had the week I was in Florida.

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