31-Day Blog Challenge: 20 Facts About Me

Day 2/31


  1. My favorite color is green – I don’t think there’s one category of “thing” I have that isn’t green.  Except for a scarf, now that I think about it.  This must be changed.
  2. I cannot, for the life of me, remember details from movies.  Unfortunately, this problem also leaches into many books I read anymore.  Gasp!!
  3. My attention span and need to multitask prevents me from paying attention to -bird!! – movies, during which I often fall asleep.  The same does NOT apply for TV shows, unless I am very, VERY tired.
  4. I love to travel and gallivant across the world, but my ideal evening is snuggling up with pillows and blankets on my bed with popcorn or some warm, delicious food and binge-watching TV series.  Netflix and Amazon Instant have ruined week-to-week television and any chance of a social life for me.
  5. I am sort of an idiot savant when it comes to knowing where landmarks, restaurants and stores are located when I visit a place.  When I travel, I soak up everything around me, so I can picture scenes and directions almost exactly.  Is this helpful?  Of course not – just because I can picture it doesn’t necessarily translate into my feet getting me there!
  6. Although I wear a confident face most of the time, I am actually very insecure about my future and my chosen path in life.  How can a person whose hippocampus hasn’t developed yet make these kinds of decisions??!  Can I get an Amen??!!!
  7. I went to Catholic school for 9 years – I received a great education and have great memories from that school.  Interestingly enough, though, I am only privately spiritual now and detest much about the Church.  Pope Francis is turning this around in some respects, however.  Overly-evangelical people of the pushy and judgmental variety turn me off.
  8. I am a brand whore.  There, I said it.  Whether it is clothing or electronics, I love to have the best (or perceived best).  However, I almost never pay retail – my mom taught me better than that!  Quality is so important and undervalued in our culture.  #truestory
  9. I have a bad potty mouth.  The intensity always depends on my company – I’m like a chameleon!
  10. My favorite city in the world is Paris, France – I’ve been there twice now…  It’s where I fell in love with Europe and I have so many wonderful memories from there that it holds a special place in my heart.  I will share more specifics and travel memories in later posts!
  11. I went to the Kansas State Spelling Bee when I was in 8th grade (??) and was eliminated in the 2nd round (seriously??) for misspelling the word “patina.”  I find this fascinating because I am now really into design, architecture and older things.
  12. As much as I want to have paternal feelings and experience those moments in life, I know in my heart I was meant to be single (which I embrace and am totally okay with, except it would be lovely to share travel expenses!).  That means I get to spoil my niece and see her grow up and share my experience and advice with her, whether she wants it or not.  🙂
  13. My dream house would be a fantastic and gorgeous home with shake shingles a safe distance from the beach in the Hamptons.  I would have an airy, bright library and a full-blown kitchen to entertain.  I could go on for days…  I would also love to have a secret escape route for my Range Rover (dream houses come with dream cars, right?) because I’ve always wanted to be a spy or be spied on (weird, I know).  Intrigue is too much fun.  Oh, or a loft in Manhattan!  (You’re starting to see the attention problems now, right?)
  14. I feel like I’ve lived many years beyond my age and get along much better with people from the generation before mine than those my own age.  As I meet similarly-minded people through work and college, this seems to be less of an issue now.
  15. I am freaking hilarious.  (#truestory)  I pretty much have this qualification as a litmus test for all my friends.
  16. I often feel the urge to start businesses where I feel there’s a niche or someone already out there who isn’t doing a good job.  For example, I have considered opening a photography business (some of the people out there who pass themselves off as decent photographers is a huge pet peeve I’ll discuss at greater length later!) or restaurant.  But who has the time??!
  17. I seem to be a social drinker – whether it is coffee or vino, company is always favored and makes me enjoy both more.
  18. For the longest time, I wanted to run for president.  I even had the year figured out – 2048!  I tend to get overly political and vocal around election time, which isn’t always a good thing.  I think the two-party system hurts America because people let their parties keep them from their true beliefs and values, and some people vote solely by label.  Anywho…  Another post, I suppose!
  19. If I was on a desert island and could only take one thing, that would be easy – a piloted private jet to get the hell out of there!!  For the most part, I don’t care for being surrounded completely by water unless I know I’ll be on dry land within a couple of hours.
  20. I am really enjoying this particular blog post and hope you have, too!  This 31-day challenge is just that – a challenge – but it’s a good one.

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