31-Day Blog Challenge: An Average Day

Day 15/31

Is there ever really an “average day”?  My guess is no, but things have really calmed down lately outside my work life and I have, sadly, settled into a routine – the ultimate sign that you are a single adult with a full-time job.  (That just sounds sad…  Alas, it is where I’m at right now.)

A Day in the Life of Luke A. Bunker…  Prepare yourselves.  It is so. exciting…

The alarm on my phone goes off anywhere between 7:13 and 7:22 (I’m very weird with my wake-up times when I set them the night before!), followed by a usually-brief check of my corporate and personal email accounts and various social media and news apps.  I am up-to-date before I even step out of bed in the morning!  I then brush my teeth, take a shower (the thought of not taking a shower before stepping out before the public… just, no), and draw a blessing card (when I remember) as I hurriedly run out the door and make the drive across the tracks to work – hoping I don’t run into the train that conveniently comes through town right as people try to get to work.  🙂

When I get to work, any semblance of a routine is thrown out the window.  Depending on various maintenance actions or outages the previous evening, if applicable, the morning can be a stressful time in the IT Department.  Most days, things go fine, but we’ll know very quickly if someone pressed the wrong button.  🙂  Otherwise, every Tuesday morning right at 8:00, I attend a team meeting with reps from billing, customer service, sales and policy.  Various marketing and IT meetings happen throughout the month as well.

Throughout the morning, I will usually answer lots of phone calls and emails, whether it’s related to IT, computer questions or problems, iPhones or inventory.  I am usually one of the first points of contact for most wireless inventory questions, as well as weird iOS and iPhone things that pop up (why, oh why, did I have to become an iOS expert?!  I at least pretend pretty well.  LOL).  I will also answer calls from customers regarding their Internet and email services, and assist the rest of the Helpdesk team as they have questions or if issues pop up that they need help with.  I’ll also delegate tasks and projects as necessary to make sure things run smoothly.

Then, usually around 11:30-12:00, I’ll go with my coworker and friend to her house to cook or otherwise prepare lunch.  I used to eat out.  A LOT.  However, we’ve recently started to buy groceries and cook/eat at her house to eat a bit healthier (which is difficult as we want to add bacon to EVERYTHING) and save money.  Eating out is so expensive, and when most of the restaurants aren’t consistently good, it’s a better value when you’re a decent cook.  😉  Plus, I’m saving for a new camera – every dollar helps!

When I return to work after lunch, the afternoon usually proceeds pretty similarly to the morning, but by this point I will usually fill inventory orders that have come in throughout the day and make sure they get shipped out with UPS by their last pick-up of the day.  As 5:00 rolls around, if I’m at my desk, we will all anxiously await the 4:55 and 4:59 phone calls and wonder why people can’t respect office hours…  Seriously, I don’t know how this didn’t make it on my list of pet peeves.

If I get out of work on time, I’ll usually watch a few minutes of the evening news (holla for Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News!) and Wheel of Fortune with my dad. Otherwise, when I get home, I’ll start working on some project, whether it be reading, catching up on a favorite TV show (it sounds a lot better if you call it a project, right??!), cleaning/organizing, working on photos (ha!!!!!!!!) or reading up on personal email and social media.

As the evening rolls on, I will usually watch around an hour of current TV (this pretty much consists of The Bachelor – cue the pity) and then go back to whatever I was doing before.  Around 10:00-10:30, I’ll head down to my office to start writing on my blog and, of course, catch up on social media while listening to Spotify or Pandora as I don’t have any of my iTunes library downloaded on that particular computer.  I’ll usually get ready for bed around 11:20 or so and read for a little bit before turning the lights out and repeating it again the next day.

Now, what I’d like to say I did in my day was cook and eat an awesome breakfast (but, who the hell has the time for that?) and incorporate an hour at the gym every morning or evening…  I suppose it’s never to late to change!

What’s an average day look like for you?  Share in the comments!

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