31-Day Blog Challenge: Meaning Behind My Blog Name

I’m writing this post from the road tonight (don’t worry – my friend is driving!) after a long and fun day of shopping and dining in Wichita. Hopefully I will break my track record of not actually writing about my travel experiences – big or small – on a blog that is supposed to be largely about just that and post some details and pictures from my day trip tomorrow.

Speaking of what this blog is supposed to be, I did give some thought (as every blogger does) as to what I would title it. I’m such an eclectic person with many varied hobbies and interests, so it wasn’t as simple as narrowing it down to one topic. As such, The World According to Luke, all-encompassing of my many interests, was born.

I soon grew old of my previous blog, Luke Says…, and came to WordPress to share more frequently and give a more honest look at life, and the world, from my perspective. As an avid traveler and wanderluster, “the world” made sense. And, as you’ve probably realized already, I can be quite opinionated, hence the latter part of my blog’s title.

I think it’s important to share wisdom, advice, successes, failures, mistakes and opinions. My good friend Laura, also a blogger, once encouraged me to write my blog and share from my heart as it may help or inspire someone out there who might stumble upon my blog. It’s with this in mind that I share some of my observations and experiences that only the best of my friends might know.

This blog is my place, my home, to share my views and opinions, and it’s refreshing to have a place where I can do that. Facebook and Twitter can be iffy sometimes, as people think you are not entitled to your own opinions or beliefs. I assume that readers coming to this blog arrive knowing what they are getting into and on a voluntary basis. I think this makes it a nice home for me, and hopefully a pleasant or at least an eye-opening or thought-provoking one for those who cross the threshold of my digital doors.

With that overly-long explanation through, The World According to Luke is where I share my thoughts on everything – and I thank you all for stopping by and providing to me and fellow members an awesome community where sharing opinions is encouraged. I appreciate the support!

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