The Land of Enchantment

I made it to New Mexico! I had some okay barbecue in Dalhart, Texas; saw a beautiful sunset just after crossing the TX-NM border; and thankfully extremely narrowly missed hitting two deer just outside Tucumcari.

I got a great deal on a cheap room and plan to grab a quick breakfast at a diner on Route 66 in the morning before driving to Albuquerque to meet my friend Laura and meet a couple of her friends for lunch and afternoon cocktails. Before that, though, I’m hoping to explore ABQ and see some Breaking Bad sites – my brother wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t! Car wash, anyone?

I’m in New Mexico for Jill Badonsky’s “Camp Creative Thunder,” a 4-night creative writing/art/meditation camp for adults in Taos. I’ll be visiting friends and reminiscing on a favorite chdhood vacation spot during a two-night stay in Santa Fe on the way from Albuquerque to Taos.

I am so relieved to have had a successful first leg of my trip and know I will make many memories and see lots of awe-inspiring natural beauty (some of it new to me) on this journey. I needed the break from work and want to get back to my creative side, which I’ve been ignoring for far too long. Can’t wait!