A Different Kind of 365 Project…

Well, it’s a new year.  Whew!  2012 was such a whirlwind – intensifying schoolwork and a boatload of new responsibilities at work, crazy and fun travels, and difficult family issues and losses.  Although excited to begin anew, I think this year helped strengthen my character as I struggled to balance it all.  And, my goodness, was it tough some days!  I wouldn’t say I was necessarily depressed, but I’m sure it’s the closest I ever came to it as things simply got too overwhelming a majority of the time.

Unfortunately, in the process, I managed to stress eat (something I’d prided myself on never doing in the past) my way back to my pre-weight-loss weight from the first half of the year.  With everything going on, I let my addiction to food get the better of me.  I am eager to get back to the gym next week and get started on a healthier me; this has included saying “no” to projects that I simply don’t have the time or energy for, and trying to focus on a few things I can really dedicate myself to.

When stress calls, travel beckons —  I look forward to attending a coworker/friend’s wedding in Richmond in February and a week-long retreat to visit my friend Laura in Florida for Spring Break.  I’m hoping to squeeze a trip to my favorite continent (so far!) in sometime after I graduate and before life gets even more complicated.  I know it will all work out and what’s meant to happen will happen.  🙂

Along the lines of a new year, I find myself going back through my mind, remembering some of my happiest moments.  Not shockingly, many of them involve travel.  In the spirit of a new year and fostering creativity (which I have NOT done lately), I have decided to post a picture, memory, moment from my travels that has affected me in some way or brings me back to a happy place and time.  It’s my hope that with these posts I can not only do the previously-mentioned, but also give wings to the travel bug that itches so many of us.

It will take a while to catch up (it’s already the 3rd, lol), but I think this is a good way to put me on track  to a happier me, amidst the stress of a new semester starting next week and impossible circumstances and situations at work.

I hope this post finds its readers with a happy heart and a peaceful outlook on the new year.  I know I’m trying to get there!!


A January cliche…

The beginning of the year couldn’t possibly pass without a post about resolutions, could it?!  I suppose I have already broken some of my goals (I prefer this term over resolutions) for the year, but look forward to a year of discovering more about myself and the world I inhabit with billions of others.

To come up with some of these goals, I used the Goal Setting Workshop app on my iPad.  If you know me, if tech is not involved, the likelihood of me doing it gets lesser and lesser (hence why I now have a Kindle for reading convenience!).  The app got me thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish not only this year, but for the next great while.  Below are some of the things – and the reasons behind them – that I’d like to accomplish this year.

My goals for the upcoming year:
1. Write in my blog or write in my novel at least once a day
OK, so I already lost out on this one; perhaps the goal of making a point to write in both more often is more practical…
To advance and keep sharp my writing skills and to keep my creativity going.
2. Lose 55 pounds
To live a longer, more fulfilled life. To feel better and do more things. To become the me and look like the me I’ve always wanted.  – PLUS, it will make traveling easier and more pleasant!!
3. Cut down to three pops per week
To help me lose weight and feel much better. To keep toxins and artificial sweeteners away from my body.
4. Cultivate a cleaner room
So I can be more presentable, have more space, be more organized, and become less materialistic by letting go.
5. Sleep more
So I can be at 100% each and everyday, to be more attentive and active, to feel better and become healthier.
6. Set up a dream board
So I can visualize my goals and dreams, and through doing that visually, know what I want to accomplish and get out of life.
7. Be on time more often!
Unfortunately for me, my first professor of the day last semester didn’t place a lot of emphasis on being on time, so I wasn’t.  This bad habit of being late everyday needs to go away!!

Outside of the above list, I want to continue to travel (if I can find a travel mate, I’d maybe like to see the Chichen Itza in Mexico – being 2012 and all), learn more Spanish through a class I’m taking at college, learn how to shoot better with manual settings on my camera, be more helpful and understanding with family and friends (and spend more time with each), work out with a renewed frenzy (BIGGEST LOSER!!), and finally get through some pictures and share them!

However, one of my biggest goals which is so far working out, is finding more time using some of my spare time to read.  I’m already halfway through a short novel (“Deadline”) and am in the reading mood.  Let’s hope it lasts!

Here’s to a year of goal-making and goal-achieving!!  Happy 2012 – I think it’s going to be a good one.