Decisions, Decisions…

I’ve been struggling with a lot of decisions lately…  I suppose it’s that time in my life.  I’m soon to graduate from community college, with prospects for a great job, but doubts and uncertainties are making for some interesting conversations with myself!  I have a lot on my mind and my plate, from balancing school and work, to eventually trying to find my own place and possibly upgrade my car before it decides to take a turn for the worse (the darn thing is approaching 20!).  Add to this my insatiable yearning for travel, and no plans for the international variety this year, and you can imagine  my mindset.

That being said, I’m coming up with contingency plans and trying to find opportunities to take advantage of in case things don’t pan out as originally mapped out.

In spirit of this, here’s a poem I wrote after open mic at the college this evening, which proved to be very inspirational and eye-opening.  It’s aptly called “Decisions, Decisions…”

Decisions, Decisions…

It’s difficult, isn’t it, to find one’s place in the world.
Carried on by daring dreams, quashed by comfortable conditions.
A young man must decide his path in life, or so we’ve been told.
He yearns to see it all.  Do it all.
But can he?  Will he?
Only he can decide.

Intelligence (Poem)

Writing Prompt:
Abstraction + verb + place
Summarize an action

Each of these five items were listed independently on the board, and each member of the class added one or two items to each list, with no real coherence because the above task was not yet given.  After we had made the list as a class, the instructor had us use the list to make a short, three-line poem with an abstraction, verb and place in the first line, attire in the second, and the summary of an action in the third.  Given the amazing things that some people came up with (you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!), I think I might do this exercise more often.

So, because of the nature of the task, we all had some input into each others’ poems last evening, so this is really by Luke Bunker, et al.  🙂


Intelligence interrogates within the mind,
Its yellow cap and army fatigues
Unfurling a kite and playing a game.

"What Do You See, Luke Bunker?"

I am finally back in the writing mood!!  I think the Creative Writing class I’m enrolled in this spring has helped get me back to my creative roots.  I hope to create and share more of my writing this spring, and so far am off to a great start with several prompts that I enjoyed.

The following poem is inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem, “Salut au Monde!” and one of our prompts at last evening’s class was to answer the question, “What do you hear?” or “What do you see?”

“What do you see, Luke Bunker?”

What do you see, Luke Bunker?
I see the proud displays of chocolate-makers throughout the city.
I smell the dank and dirt of a place where being clean seems to be an afterthought.
I feel the intensity of sun rays beating on my weary body.
I hear the chatter of men and women going on about their daily lives.
I taste the world’s worst and most expensive coffee in a place where it feels just right.
I am alive in this moment.

Can anyone guess what place I’m referring to??  First person who gets it right gets a virtual cookie!