Review: "The Templar Legacy" by Steve Berry

The Templar Legacy (Cotton Malone #1)The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Warning: This review doesn’t make much sense and was written with observations that changed throughout my reading.

To those that followed my progress in reading this book (having finally completed it after this, my third or fourth try at doing so), my rating of 3/5 may be shocking. However, if half-stars were available, I would probably rate this at 3.5. Why? Because I feel that I owe some credit to this book and its author for spinning a fantastic tale, despite what I consider to be several failings:

One, I thought the premise for the book and Cotton Malone’s involvement in the plot to be weak at best. Yes, his former boss was involved, but it didn’t provide a good segue for his integration into that plotline.

Second, I think the characters, at least towards the beginning of the book, were not well developed. To be more specific, I thought that Stephanie’s sudden wealth of knowledge relating to her husband’s work (that she didn’t even care about until she received a letter/journal), was difficult to believe. Her character also seemed to be the most brash, and I don’t think it was literary device that made her so.

Third, and again this mostly speaks to the first half of the novel, the dialogue wasn’t as good as I felt it could have been. However, true to the rest of the work, it got better during the last half, where the book really picked up.

Speaking again to my third observation, the pace does pick up during the last half of the book, and this is when I did my most fervent reading. I think there was often too much detail throughout the book, which added more to confusion than clarity. I would love to say this book was enjoyable to read, and it was towards the end, but overall it seemed kind of tedious. All in all, though, I felt it was a good book – not great, but good.

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