Luke’s Travels

love to travel.  It’s what I work, live and breathe for.  In case you’re wondering, “Where in the world is Luke?!”:

Upcoming Trips:

July 2014 – I am super-excited for this trip!  I’ll be joining a group on a tour of Greece, Italy and Spain, along with a brief excursion in Morocco.  Unfortunately, there aren’t plans to visit smaller locales, but we’ll be visiting Athens and hopefully doing a Saronic Gulf Cruise in Greece, Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, and Tetouan in Morocco.  This will be my second visit to Barcelona, and I want to make it to the market and visit more tapas bars on this next visit.

Recent Travels:

August 2013 – I spent a little over a week and my 21st birthday in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.  This was my 6th time to D.C. (I think…) and I had a great time with family, found and enjoyed some “new” restaurants (as well as some that eluded me over the years), and took lots of photos with my DSLR (which I didn’t have on past visits).

October 2013 – I spent a few days in Austin, Texas, on business. Between mornings and afternoons in trainings, we were able to fit in a lot of fun and foodie experiences, ranging from having fun and site-seeing on both sides of Sixth Street to visiting the gorgeous Texas State Capitol building. I believe I accomplished everything I wanted to on that trip outside of work commitments, including eating a delicious donut concoction from a Gourdough’s food truck (yes, bacon WAS involved)! This was my first “big trip” with the company I work for, so I was eager to to get the most out of this great opportunity. Fun stuff!

December 2013 – I spent one week in Florida visiting my friend and fellow traveler/photographer/blogger, Laura.  This was my second time to the area and the state (my first visit was in March and before I left had already made plans for a quick return!).  We spent two days at Disney World; went on a coastal drive, armed with cameras in-hand; did some shopping; and spent lots of time discussing and eating healthy foods.  Laura is my travel, life and photography mentor, so I really enjoyed this time with her, her husband and cat-kiddos.

February 2014 – I went to Wichita for a concert (Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves!) in the middle of the month and flew to D.C. for a long weekend the next week for the Travel & Adventure Show and to catch up with family and do some photography walks.

March 2014 – I met my friend Laura for a weekend in Kearney, Nebraska, to witness and photograph the Sandhill Crane migration.  We also did a backroads photo adventure day, despite the extreme cold and funky settings on our cameras that didn’t yield too many great photos.  Regardless, it was a fun and memorable trip to see one of the world’s last great migrations.

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