31-Day Blog Challenge: If I Won the Lottery…

Day 14/31

When I think of Heaven, I think of Switzerland.  If I won the lottery, I would travel even more than I do now - it is food for the soul that you can't even order up in an Italian trattoria (OMG, it is possible, LOL).

When I think of Heaven, I think of Switzerland. If I won the lottery, I would travel even more than I do now – it is food for the soul that you can’t even order up in an Italian trattoria (OMG, it is possible, LOL).

Wow – what a loaded question!  What would I do if I won the lottery?  I would wager to say that most of us have daydreamed and imagined more than was healthy about what we would do if we came into a windfall of money, such as winning the lottery.  I so fall into this group – embrace it, folks.  It’s amazing to think how such a huge chunk of money (and, conversely, even a little!) could dramatically change a person’s life.  My thoughts on the subject are fairly extravagant, but that’s me…  It’s one of those situations where you don’t know what you’d do until you were in those shoes, but it’s important to plan and be prepared for when that day surely comes.  🙂

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who came into that kind of money and wish they never did…  Interesting, considering how many of us pine after it.  As it is said in 1 Timothy 6:10 (holy moly, Luke is quoting scripture!!  I hope I used the right format…), “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”  However, as I often say, there’s only one way to find out – let’s hope I get the opportunity to some day!  LOL

  • Buy a luxury private jet (a Gulfstream V, perhaps?) – because, honestly, flying coach is so overrated, and if you could afford the plane, first-class would seem so incredibly pointless.  (At this point, it’s up to you to determine whether or not I’m being sarcastic throughout this post or being serious – have fun!)
  • Use that private jet to penthouse-shop along Avenue des Champs-Élysées  in Paris.  Second, third, fourth and fifth homes, soon to follow!  I’d set up shop in places where I could relax and enjoy life.  This would include busy cities, remote hideaways, mountain-view escapes…  (Cue:  “Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?”)
  • I always used to think that I wouldn’t quit my current job if I won the lottery, but after this week, I am really reconsidering that…  LOL, but not really.  However, I would still absolutely want to work because shopping for days and just being extravagant in general would probably get old fairly quickly.  (Would it, though??)  I would probably want to get into the hospitality industry through being a hotelier or restaurateur – I know it can’t be easy or fun all the time, but I am fascinated by the business side of that world.
  • Put the money in a non-volatile account to make my money work for me – but not too hard to where it’s confused and doesn’t know what to do!
  • Take my family on a wonderful trip to Europe or somewhere else exotic.  Nothing binds a family together like than taking a good vacation (unless, you know, you already hate your family… sorry, at that point, you’re SOL and no amount of money will help you), and it is one of my dreams to take in particular my parents to Europe because it’s something they would likely never do for themselves, and they so deserve it.
  • Establish a charity to promote literacy for children.  The charity would ensure that children of every age have access to quality literature and storytime, regardless of socioeconomic status or location.  Reading is so important, and I firmly believe that if more people read, we’d have less wars.  Also, society would be less stupid.  Just sayin’!
  • I would hardcore advocate for travel (and would travel ALL.  THE.  TIME.) and would chase my dream of being a travel photographer and writer for a top magazine, maybe one I would create and cultivate.  As an opinion on foreign policy, I think that if people travel to the places they are planning to bomb, they  might just not do it.  Perspective can be huge, and it’s only a hop, jump, skip and a passport stamp away.  I thank Rick Steves’ Travel As A Political Act for strengthening this philosophy.
  • Sorry to my mid-nineties Chevy – you’ve gotten me from Point A to Point B for several years now, but I would have to upgrade my car.  For a list about what to do with lottery money, this seems like a “duh.”  I’m thinking a Range Rover would be appropriate for my home in Aspen, an Aston-Martin for my place in the Hamptons, etc…  No, I have not given this any thought whatsoever.
  • I would ensure that my family and friends and their financial worries were taken care of.  This would include paying off houses, sending them on trips, and just helping them remove finances as a strain on their relationships and families.
  • I would love to show my niece the world of travel – in style!  I would also help pay for her education, traditional or otherwise.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Be lofty or humble – or a bit of both, and share in the comments section below!

31-Day Blog Challenge: My Earliest Memory

Day 13/31

So, asking me to remember my earliest memory is like asking a giraffe to- See, I already forgot where I was going with that.  Oh, my…

Now that we’ve established my bad memory, there is an early memory I remember (wow, this is turning out to be a drab post – I’m not really into it, but per the challenge, I will suck it up and write, I guess, maybe).  I’m not sure it qualifies as my first recollection, but it seems about right…

To set up this story, know that I never went to preschool or daycare as my mother was a stay-at-home mom.  I had friends over, but the extent of my social life as a young child was storytime at the local public library (S/O to reading!).  So, you can imagine that I was a bit anxious before entering kindergarten (I attended Sacred Heart, a parochial school, for nine years.  Let that soak in.)  I distinctly remember repeatedly throwing up and crying before going to school (maybe this was first grade – whatevs)…  This crippling anxiety problem with starting school has followed me every year.  Fun!!

Thank goodness this post is coming to a close (if you made it this far, go buy yourself something fancy – you deserve it)!  I am super-excited to share my outlandish dreams in tomorrow’s post – I imagine what I would do if I won the lottery a LOT.

Good night!