31-Day Blog Challenge: Worst Habits

Day 9/31

I must admit, this post and the questions it made me raise about myself has been quite the humbling experience.  I know I have my flaws, but I made the eye-opening decision to ask my brother what he thought my worst habits were, with no restrictions.  I like to thing I am a good person with good habits, but the experience over dinner tonight at IHOP provided an opportunity, along with the new year, to change some of those not-so-great habits and aspects of my life.

Without further ado, my worst habits…

  • Watching reality TV shows.  In particular, the Bachelor franchise.  I literally can’t stop myself.  I’ve tried.  This is no longer a habit I want to break as I love them!!
  • Occasionally making off-hand and snide remarks.  I knew I did this, but I don’t think I gave enough careful consideration as to how it could make someone feel, even if it was “in jest.”
  • Over-using the word “holla!”  I must  admit, I have been using this word way too much lately – that darn Honey Boo-Boo Child!
  • Taking photos of my dinner-mates’ food (particularly desserts) when they are waiting to eat it.  It’s not hard to imagine that this could get annoying if the tables were turned.  I only do it when the dish is particularly photo-worthy, but now I’m making excuses, aren’t I??
  • Overusing the phrase “I must admit” and overusing parenthetical asides.  I just need to get to the point!
  • Cursing.  Sometimes, those words seem like the appropriate ones to use, but they really aren’t…  My defense has always been that someone arbitrarily determined it was a curse word, so it’s just another word.  But, as an English major, I get connotation.  Point taken, Luke.
  • Overchecking and overusing social media, Facebook in particular.  It really is a negative pull on my energy and time, and I need to reserve my limited time on this earth for other, more important pursuits.
  • Being showy and “flaunty.”  This is not becoming of me, and I need to be more conscious and aware about what I share, what I do, and the motives behind both.
  • Having a negative attitude about certain aspects of my job.  I like to think I handle stress fairly well when it comes to work, but I do need to be more careful about how I express my frustrations.  This is something I really want to work on as I catch myself complaining more and more lately (due in particular to a particularly stressful project I’ve been working on for a while), and that can’t help me or anyone else.  Some days I just need to suck it up and move on.
  • Rolling my eyes a lot when someone says something stupid.  I’m not sure consider it a bad habit, but others might think differently.  Some people deserve a good eye-roll!
  • Messing with my hair and scalp – a lot.  It’s really not something that should be done.  However, I’m already getting much better with this!
  • Overeating when I’m already full.  It shouldn’t be a difficult habit to break, but it is.  This is why I look the way I do.
  • Not always giving the proper attention to people I’m talking with.  If they are investing the time to share something with me, then it’s only polite and courteous to give them the respect they deserve for doing so.
  • Getting extremely enthusiastic about something – evangelical, some might say – but do not return the same enthusiasm when someone is sharing something with me.  This could be about a book or movie, or a particular food.  This leads to…
  • “Would it be fair to say that you suffer from a superiority complex?”  Hmmm…  Yes.  I really don’t have to hesitate with this, as it’s not necessarily an unconscious “thing.”  This is not a healthy attitude, but it’s how I feel – honesty is the best policy!
  • Engaging in gossip and worrying about other people’s lives.  It’s really none of my business how someone else decides to live their lives.  If it doesn’t impact me, it’s not my business.  It’s easy to get caught up in petty talk – especially at work – but that makes you petty in the process.

What are some of your bad habits?  Please share in the comments!