Sometimes in life, you just get confused. You think you’re doing the right thing, but then you start to think about it a bit more, or perhaps certain events prompt it, but you start to doubt and question yourself.

This has been happening a lot lately for me. Last night, nearing midnight, I got so frustrated that I could have screamed! I thought about how work and life aren’t always fair (at least in my eyes), and I decided that rather than go off the deep end and start the virtual B Roll of negative thoughts and feelings, I would channel it into my Moleskine sketchbook/journal.

Being new to the game of journaling, I’ve still found it therapeutic and relaxing to create art rather than bring negative energy into the world. Because God knows there’s enough of that out there already!

This piece, to me, shows confusion at its best… Converging, diverging and crossing lines show how circumstances so frequently enter and exit our lives; the curly and curved lines show that no path is correct, or the same as another’s; the opposing focal points and the reds show the anger and frustration that we must all experience to see the good things in life; the EKG lines, abstract mountain peaks and other objects show the obstacles we face daily; and the torch represents the coming-to-a-head of all these emotions, thoughts and feelings.

In the end, we question the meaning of our lives here on earth. The age-old question, “Why are we here?” doesn’t have an easy answer, if it has one at all. Many of us have goals, activities and other reasons that keep us living, and when we stray from those things, it’s important to find ways to get back to center. For me, I hope that journaling and getting back to creating art will make for a good start.