31-Day Blog Challenge: Pet Peeves

Day 7/31

Pet peeves…  Do I have them?  Why, of course I do!  Read on…

  • When people throw others under the bus or don’t take blame for something they did wrong.  People, own your successes and your mistakes.  Loyalty doesn’t have to be a grand act, but it is a virtue.
  • When people have an inflated ego with absolutely nothing to back it up.  Actually, it doesn’t matter if they have something to back it up with.  I live in a dream world, yes, but I realize that others don’t share that same space.  Somedays I have to say “Earth to Luke!  Earth to Luke!”
  • People who are rude to others.  I just shake my head at this because I don’t see the point.
  • People who flip out over nothing (guilty!) or change the facts to fit their perspective.  Nuh-uh – not cool!
  • People who take out their anger or frustrations on others.  I pride myself in that I am usually able to separate what/who I’m actually angry with versus who I’m currently dealing with.  Channel your attitude more positively and try not to take your stresses out on others – they don’t deserve it.  Please.
  • When people think that just because someone doesn’t have a degree or formal education, that person is stupid or somehow “less” than they are.  Education comes in many forms, and many don’t take place in the classroom.
  • When people think they can dictate to you how you should lead your life.  If we didn’t have some of the negative societal pressures (not everyone wants to please you!!), we would all be better off.
  • When people present themselves as “professional this” or “professional that” and yet fail to truly succeed at doing the “this” or the “that.”  I’m thinking of professional photographers  here…  I cringe at some of the end products I see out there, knowing that people are paying good money for their services.  You pay for what you get, maybe…
  • People who don’t understand quality over quantity, or long-term quality over cheap crap you’ll just have to replace.  If you’re going to spend the same or more in the long run, doesn’t it make sense (barring financial hardship) to get the best thing first?  (This is less of a pet peeve and more of a “Why don’t you get it?!?!” type of thing.)
  • When people – for whatever motive – put you in between a rock and a hard place, or put you in a position where it is difficult for you to say no, even though you want to.
  • When people don’t take ownership of their lives or tasks they are working on.  If you want it done, eliminate the middle man and, you got it, get ‘er done.  Don’t pass off your work for someone to do unless you both know they can do it better.
  • When people cut me off on the road and then go slower than I am driving.  If you will be going faster – go for it.  Otherwise, prepare for my road rage (I’ve heard it isn’t pretty).
  • When adult friends think it’s okay for them to ask you to watch their child for them while they’re off doing something, putting you in a difficult place to say no (see above) and likely stranding you with a child who doesn’t know you very well.  Ugh, this is a huge pet peeve of mine!!  If it’s a minute or two, fine…  Any longer and it becomes unacceptable.
  • When fellow travelers in front of me recline their seat without first asking for permission.  Yes, I know, the seat is yours and it’s technically your right what you want to do with it.  However, common courtesy, in my most un-humble opinion, dictates that you ask the person behind you if it’s OK that you invade their already precious, limited space.  I won’t ever say no, I just want to be asked.  It actually brightens my day when I’m asked.
  • When people are bossy to me.  I do not get this.  If I have seniority over you or you are not my boss, guess what?  You don’t have the right to be bossy to me.  If you are my boss, be bossy in a nice way that doesn’t make you sound bossy.  Holla!!
  • When people are lazy.  We are all lazy at one point or another, but a life of laziness and lack of drive leads to an unfulfilling life for you and your role in your community.  Please get off your duff and do something with your life.
  • When people use the word “retard.”  People, it’s a mental condition, not a diss.  Find a dictionary and use something more appropriate.
  • When people judge others for their financial position in life.  Most everyone goes through a hardship, and you never know when it could happen to you.  No one is safe from this type of issue, and your judgments could negatively impact people who are already dealing with difficulties.
  • People who refuse to take “No” for an answer.  I mean what I say and I say what I mean, so leave me alone!
  • People who do not refill toilet paper or paper towels.  I would like to grab two rolls of paper towels and sandwich these people’s heads with them and make them wear paper towels (or, better yet, TP) all day with a sign that says, “Guess what I didn’t refill today?”  Public humiliation is effective, folks.
  • People who do not respond to emails or messages, leaving you hanging and keeping something from being checked off your to-do list.  See below for further information on the etiquette surrounding this “very important” issue.
  • People who are impatient.  For example, in the workplace, if you send me an email… Give me some time to read it.  Please do not call my office and page me within five minutes of sending it.  I will get to it when I have time (it will be “gotten to”), which would normally be the minute you call and interrupt me.  If it’s an emergency, please call and tell me to be on the lookout for an email or, goodness, just talk to me over the phone.

Holy moly!  I actually didn’t think I had that many pet peeves.  Yowza, I sound like a diva!  Oh well, if the shoe fits…  Wear the damn thing.

Do you have any pet peeves?  Please share in the comments!