31-Day Blog Challenge: What’s in YOUR wallet?

Day 8/31

The prompt for today is “What’s in my handbag?”  Predictably, I don’t carry a handbag, but I do use a Kenneth Cole laptop bag (hey, I told you in a previous post that I was a brand whore) for work that I carry with me everyday except on weekends.  Plus, I have a wallet (again, this is breaking news). So, I guess that will have to work for the purposes of this post!  To make it more interesting, I’m giving away (for free!) part of my philosophy on shopping – spend smart, my friends!

In my laptop bag, I have the following…

  • 17” MacBook Pro (I love the big screen – not so much the weight or bulk…  #firstworldproblems)
  • Padfolio with notepad and various papers
  • Steno Notebook for various notes and lists and my antiquated budget that I never followed
  • iPad 3
  • Various chargers and cables (I’m an IT guy – you can’t get away from this stuff!)
  • Checkbook (rarely use – I don’t get miles for checks!)
  • Two external hard drives
  • Lots of pens (I hate pencils)
  • Moleskine Sketchbook with various pens, markers and a ruler (these are currently at home but are usually with me for when inspiration strikes)
  • Scientific calculator (I hate touch-screen calculators on phones)
  • SD Card Case
  • Travel-size Purell
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (it works a lot better than other brands, at least for me)
  • Fiber One, Good n’ Natural and CLIF bars
  • Mi-Fi Personal Hotspot
  • Cinnamon Mints
  • Klipsch Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones (these were actually a steal at under $30 but work great!)

Coach Bleeker Wallet: Retail – $148.00; after a Coach Men’s Factory sale and an additional 30% off clearance… $49.00. Best part about it? If it needs repaired or replaced, it’s complimentary with Coach – holla!)

In my wallet, I have…

  • Various credit cards and my DL (I carry Citi’s AAdvantage card since American flies out of an airport close to me – I love miles and hate paying to check a bag – and an AmEx for all of the great perks and benefits that come with it, as well as my oldest student credit card so I have a longer length of credit history)
  • Casino Player’s Card (totally worthless because I have consistently lost the last two times I’ve gone and I’m pretty sure this is how they track you – scary!)
  • Library card (holla!)
  • Various gift cards
  • Various loyalty cards (although I’m starting to get rid of these as businesses can look up your info on the computer)
  • Business cards
  • Dining Etiquette Tips card (always good for quick reference on the way to a fancier restaurant or event)

Since we’re talking money and brands here, I should insert my philosophy – NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR ANYTHING.  Let me repeat…  NEVER PAY RETAIL FOR ANYTHING!  Outlet stores, sales, and sites like Brad’s Deals, Shop It To Me and Woot! can help you save (and, full disclosure, spend) a bundle.  Quality items don’t have to be expensive if you are on the lookout, because remember, long-lasting quality over quantity is one of my biggest rules of thumb.  If you have to replace it three times in the same time period as a nicer item, was it really worth buying the cheap version?  Usually, it isn’t.  Splurge, but be smart about it.  Specials, sales and coupons are your friends, friends, and it’s okay to use them!  I may be a brand whore, but I’m a smart and savvy brand whore!  #onlineshoppingforlife #maybeineedalife #okendingpostnow

What’s in your wallet?