31-Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job (Or, A Business Manifesto)

Day 23/31

Well, as some of you may notice, I didn’t post yesterday – eek!  I decided I’d sleep instead.  And, after the day I had (I think it was a bad week for everyone??), I’m glad I did! Now, dream job…  We’ve all been there.  We’ve daydreamed (while at our current jobs) about what we would rather be doing, where we’d rather be doing it, and the gobs and gobs of money we would make.  It’s interesting how, after different life experiences and experiences in our everyday work life, our “dream job” doesn’t become as cut-and-dry as “travel writer and photographer,” “hotelier/restaurateur” or “magazine editor” (three of my dream jobs), but instead they graft into what might be better considered as an “ideal job,” with very specific details and requests:

  • A job where employees:
    • take ownership of their tasks and areas of expertise,
    • don’t pass their work off onto others because they are happy and proud to do what they do,
    • are passionate about working for and improving the company,
    • have vision and are excited to work both as a team and as individuals to accomplish a common goal,
    • are infectiously positive, optimistic and are respectful in attitudes and actions towards fellow employees, and
    • are talented, skilled and great at what the do.
    • Bottom line:  employees who can’t practice the above (or are incompetent in general) would just not be around.
  • A job that:
    • fairly rewards and compensates employees according to level of effort, successes throughout the year, and what they’ve truly contributed to the company (whether that’s good or bad),
    • provides a calming environment for elimination of extraneous distractions (I wish I had a quiet space where I could eliminate other distractions easily – whether it be calls on my cell and desk phones, coworkers paging me every five minutes or coming over to my desk to ask me questions, and the like.  My dream job would be being able to just do my job with a moment or two of peace and quiet!),
    • allows for travel of some sort (getting out of the office does wonders for morale, and continued learning, networking and taking the temperature of the industry are all super-important), and
    • inspires its employees – every day – to do better, to be better.

As I first wrote this list, I thought of gripes I have about the workplace and said where people don’t do this or where this or that doesn’t happen…  I changed these into positive statements, which I think says a lot about what I want my workplace to look like.  I think we can all relate to the bickering and gossip that go on, and it’s even worse that we let ourselves get sucked into it.  If a place could create an environment where that wasn’t necessary, that would be so incredibly amazing.

You could look at the above as a mission statement, perhaps, or maybe even a manifesto for just part of how I think a business should be run.  Either way, I think most places of work could benefit from taking a look at how they do business, and foster an environment that encourages passion and purpose.  But, who knows…  Maybe I’m just dreaming!!