Happy Saturday!

Have you ever put something off so long that, out of the blue, you just get the motivation to get it done and move on with life?  Well, my goal for today is getting the contents of all my memory cards verified with my laptop and external hard drives, clearing them off, formatting them, and getting them put back in their proper case and into my new (OK, got it as a gift last year but just now using, LOL) camera bag!

The biggest task (probably bigger than one weekend of productivity can match) will be making sure that my new 1TB external hard drive (purchased rather than dealing with formatting issues between my PC and Mac) gets everything onto it, edited, processed and organized!  No more duplications of folders and thousands of pictures from this point forward!  Or, so I tell myself…

Coffee = Productivity
(c) 2012 – Luke A. Bunker.  All Rights Reserved, dammit!  🙂

Armed with coffee and a rambunctious niece, I am on a productive roll!  Might head to the office to get some things wrapped up before I go back to school (still in Dodge) next week.  It will be my last shot at overtime for a while, and I need to pay for those Bose headphones and get a handle on the holy mess that is inventory!!  😉  I’m also hoping to catch up with a friend who is on break from university and finally see Les Miserables.  Also on the docket for this weekend is figuring out my schedule, which has been giving me a total headache and I am ready to put it to rest!  I plan to pay for my classes and get one or two of them changed on Monday and visit my high school journalism adviser.  I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my TripAdvisor reviews will never be complete, but that’s OK!  Life is too short to worry about such trivial things.

So much to do and so little time!

Happy Saturday, everyone!