31-Day Blog Challenge: What I’m Afraid Of

Day 4/31

Listening To:  Charlotte Church Radio on Pandora

Eating:  Theo Organic & Fair Trade Peppermint Stick 70% Dark Chocolate

Sipping On:  Plain Ol’ Water

Today was a great day!  I went to the public library’s monthly used book sale (only found two books – my lightest haul…. ever), visited a flea market where I took a few neat pictures with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, followed by a visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Store (found an “it’s hot cocoa season” mug and 4 milkshake glasses) and a consignment shop (where I found some neat cocktail-graphic dishes – fun!).

Big Fan Needs Motor

Big Fan Needs MotorGhost SwitchesGhost SwitchesBig SaveBig Save

Snow visited early this evening, followed by my brother and his family.  We set up my new Roku on the living room TV, watched some cooking shows, and because of the cooking shows, planned a lunch tomorrow – risotto with a delicious lemon sorbet liqueur-berry concoction.  Promises to delicious!  I’m really enjoying this extra time with family, and with the cold and flurries outside, it’s that much more special and cozy.

Snow + a 1-degree low tomorrow...  Ugh!

Snow + a 1-degree low tomorrow… Ugh!

So, the prompt today is what I’m afraid of (the prompt is a little scary, too).  I tried to think of some things, like spiders and snakes and things that creep in the night…  And, yes, I am afraid of them!  However, what I’m most afraid of is the loss of my parents.  They had me later in life, so they are are about 10 years older than most of my friends’ parents.  I feel like I take them for granted now, and this makes me realize that I need to appreciate them more.  Relating to this, I am deathly afraid of making those phone calls and making those arrangements – the thought actually keeps me up at night.

Other things I “fear” – driving in snow and ice (this is heightened when my brother is behind the wheel, aware of this fear, prompting an almost-immediate dry heave and panic attack), mealworms in pasta boxes, being pulled into a current in the ocean (hence why I only get ankle-deep in the stuff anymore unless I am near people who can save me – holla!!), and wreckless people.

Today’s prompt is kind of a tough one, as I prefer not to dwell on things I’m afraid of, although I worry often.  I think it’s most important to focus on one’s strengths, all the while being aware of weaknesses.  Tomorrow’s prompt is “10 Songs I Love Right Now” and I’m really looking forward to mulling that one over!  I already have several in mind!!