Creative Writing Club + Getting More Involved

Last week, I attended my first Creative Writing Club meeting, and it was great!  After going to the Open Mic night a couple weeks ago (which I really enjoyed and gave me great hope and belief in people and keeping arts alive at DCCC and in Dodge City), they said they had a creative writing club that meets on Fridays at 1, so I decided to do it!

Jane, the creative writing instructor @ DC3 and the quasi-meeting-leader, is quite awesome and seems like a very nice, caring and creative person who really listens to people and is an excellent critique-r.  You don’t get all of that in one person very often.  And the students (around 5-6 total, including another adult) who came to the meeting are all very unique and interesting – we have a juggler who is very positive and happy-go-lucky but really came out with a very thought-provoking poem, a deeply gifted – and perhaps troubled? – writer who I stupidly pre-judged because everything seemed a little too over-the-top until I got to know her better, a fellow NaNoWriMo competitor!!, and others…

I guess the whole point of this post is to say that I am really glad I’m getting more involved with school/life activities and getting to know people with similar interests.  It’s also encouraging to see all of these adults/professors in their out-of-school environments (like in Quiz Bowl, which I am a happy member of after skipping out – why?!? – in high school) and to see that they are awesome, dedicated, full people.  I really look forward to getting to know these people better while at the same time cultivating my likes, hobbies and passions!

Back to the writing club, this week’s prompt is “contrasting the light and the dark.”  I want light and dark to be a couple that is falling apart but come back to each other after all and stay in love.  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, and I’m not uber-into poetry like some of the other people in the club, but I am committed to making it work!